Conor D. Ryan, photograph 2015

I have returned to this page in July 2020 after a few years of (blog)neglect, due to time constraints. Bear with me. Content is under construction. Watch this space, feel free to browse my content.

This is still very much a work in progress.. but its on its way.

‘W1ld3rcard’ is a concept, a particular perspective. In card game the wildcard has potential capacity for change and become any card you want, adaptability and luck come with the cards. To extend that analogy to life only gets ‘wilder’. The number substitutions for the ‘i’ and ‘e’,the right ‘1’ and ‘trice the charm’ make 13 – the number of lunar cycles of the year: each associated with a different time for doing things. Some calendars, like the Chinese calendar still used today follow these cycles. Celestial events are something that I am very interested in learning about. Admittedly, my knowledge of the cosmos is small but I do have an interest. It is something that I will post about later alongside other interests and ideas and places that I’m exploring.

Art : This will include some of my own art: including paintings, murals, sketches, sculptures etc. I have an interest in different mediums including acrylic, coffee, inks, solvents, spraypaint, pen, wood, markers and more. As some say “A picture is worth a thousand words” so I’ll have to include a gallery. I have some interesting ideas for installations and concepts which I’ll be posting about in the future too. I have tremendous belief in the power of Art to raise awareness about issues, both environmental and social. More recently I have began to look at building installations and sculptures to raise awareness of waste/recycling.

Blog Post Archive : Currently, the content here visible consists largely of literary theory, critical essays and poems. However, I am an artist: doing mural paintings and coffee paintings that are visible alongside some photography on my Instagram account w1ld3rcard. I have significant interest in Irish heritage, ruins of colonial houses and castles. many a day I spend rambling around the countryside and documenting it. #xplorn

Ireland, Maps and History : I don’t have much on this at the moment due to time constraints. I am interested in folklore, ancient ruins, castles, histories and more. I am very open to any input here or information so don’t hesitate to get in touch.