Satori, a love story.

You can’t surprise yourself on purpose. A seeming paradox. Satori or spontanious enlightenment is not something to strive for, it is discipline. Over time you notice: you simply can’t help but be spontaneous. The same phenomena can be seen from different points of view, meaning is attached by our interpretation. The key understanding here is that… one can’t chase things. Eternal life is in the present moment. Free of all projections onto the future, and free of preconcieved notions. It just is.

Love has its darker side

That which comes in depth

Labyrinthine nooks and crannies hide

Unspoke words under breath.



Alongside greatest elation

comes lifes hard lessons.

One notices correlation;

betwixt curse and blessing.

Happiness, highs, and depression.

Which is quite distressing.



That comes of heart on ones sleeve,

is out of place when you don’t believe:

in love. Love in all its forms.

How burning cold, chilling warm.

Paradox of, and at heart.

Though drawn together, we fall apart.


And yes, I do believe…

though chasing love I didn’t see.

I stumbled and I’ve fallen.

Yet, still I’m called in.



As love is blind:

we stumble in the dark.

Sorrows and joys find,

leaving their mark.

Wounds heal in time,

learn from regret.

Poets preserve in lines,

so we don’t forget.

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