About Me

About the Author

Graduating with a First Class Honors M. A. English, 18 Jan. 2017

I’m an Irish graduate, with a varied and diverse range of interests including travel, history, mythology and folklore.

I’m an aspiring artist, actor and anything generally creative. I want it all.. As far as I’m concerned I should always be doing art. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and I go through spells of doing little to show before periods of intense creativity. Creative bliss is great, but so far I’ve been far from diligent in my recording of what I have being doing. However, hopefully this is changing and you will all be able to see what I’m doing here eventually.

I occasionally sell paintings or take on art commissions, if  interested then fill out the contact form on this blog. Perhaps you will see more up to date photos and drawings on my instagram @w1ld3rcard. I specialize in coffee paintings…

I am passionate about a variety of topics including the environment, education and culture. I have several qualifications and some experience in numerous different roles, being somewhat enterprising. I love expanding my potential and developing new skills. For more info on this check out my Curriculum Vitae. Feel free to get in touch.

I have had the opportunity to study a range of subjects including Literature, Sociology, Cultural Studies, Linguistics, Semiotics, Teaching English as a Foreign Language(TEFL). Psychology, and International Law. Most recently, I completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Humanities. This has allowed me to develop my own research areas – which I will be posting about periodically once this site is up and running.

You can also share if you see anything you like but just remember to cite me and give a link to my page! 🙂

LinkedIn: https://ie.linkedin.com/in/conortheryan

My hobbies include travel, music, photography. And exploring, this ones important it ties everything else! I enjoy cycling, hiking and when I can, driving around the countryside. I love rambling in the countryside, working off maps and local knowledge mainly. When I have free time I travel around as much of Ireland as possible, going for walks, taking photos and learning about histories and folk lore.


My thirst for adventure isn’t limited to Ireland, I love traveling and experiencing different cultures. I have had to opportunity to travel around a good bit of the Iberian peninsula as well as visiting various other cities in Europe. I will have a page dedicated to posts including information and photographs of some of the places that I have been, and future plans: Travel


About the Blog

Here I’ll give some explanation of where I’m coming from.

I have always enjoyed writing, and this blog is a space for me to structure my thoughts, share information and hopefully connect with others and receive information too. This point of my life is a time of change. I’m lucky, I’ve already had the chance to live, to learn and to love.

More importantly, its just the beginning of the effort to make all the things that I want to do happen. And here is the space for me to organise my thoughts and ideas. Bear with me, I’ve a lot to catch up on.

This is dream space: for ideas, plans, the future and some sort of record of different things that I have or will be working on.

Thank you for reading

Watch this space…

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