Taking photos and presenting them in a coherent fashion will take a while. Though, feel free to explore my Instagram @coffeepaintings where you can view some original artwork drawn with the medium of coffee

For me, Artistic expression is a necessity, a compulsion that drives me. This doesn’t mean that I do art full time (as much as I would like to). I am an amateur artist: while I do get the odd commission or involved in projects every so often it is largely a labor of love.

Since a young age I loved drawing, arts and crafts – writing too, essentially anything creative. I havn’t been the best at keeping records, but I have had an active mind over the years.

When I was about 16, I began to develop a more serious interest in art. I have been gradually learning since then, and beginning to take my style in its own directions. I guess on that note, I’m going to try and organise this page into posts which give an overview of my artistic interests and what I have done so far. This blog will be about process, subject and furthering the craft.

Black pen Drawings, Acrylic painting, Inks, Coffee, Mural Painting… these are a few of the mediums that I like to experiment with

Most recently I am interested in designing and building installments.. I have a few interesting ideas that you will hopefully be seeing in the future. However, so far progress has been quite slow. I am most interested in found or repurposed materials, which have the drawback of not being available on demand.

Black pen Drawing

Duckling on back, 2016
Unfinished Black Pen, outside Hippity’s, Temple Bar. 2016.