I’ve wanted to start a travel blog for a while, and do something with my experiences and plans for the future. Here I will post photos, and try and learn something from previous trips and plan bigger trips for the future too.

Watch this space…I guess I’ll start at the beginning and work on from there showing progression

I’m fortunate enough to have been going to Spain fairly frequently since about 2001, Valencian region mainly

2011: Following the completion of my Leaving Certificate, I went on a holiday with some friends to Amsterdam and to Rock Wertcher, near Lueven.

2013: I lived and worked in Catalonia, Spain (tentatively added.)

Santa Susanna – English Monitor for Grupos Organizados, I had weekends free which allowed me to visit Barcelona. I stayed for 2 months extra to work in a summer school run by the same company located in Tossa de Mar, Girona.

I also got to visit Valencia

I went back home for one day to pack, and then I was off to Sweden for ERASMUS. I spent 5 months living

The ESN Sea Battle, and a day in Estonia.

2014: I was mainly occupied Castle Chasing…

but I managed to make it back to Vaxjo via Copenhagen for mid-late April


I went on a trip to Italy and to Belgium

2016: In January, I took a trip with my father to South West Spain

Shortly after, I went to Copenhagen for 4 days

For my birthday, I received a surprise trip to Edinburgh

I went WWOOFing for a month in the summer, couchsurfing for the first time in Porto and again in Coimbra before spending a few weeks volunteering at an Organic Farm in rural Portugal. I flew to Spain via Porto and spent a few weeks in South Western Spain – attending a free festival in San Fulugencia Rock Arena

I spent 2017-2019 mainly travelling in Ireland, fairly intensively at times including a lot of camping and a large amount of driving. I chose to do this to enhance my connection to Ireland and do some soul-searching while I saved up some money to travel further afield with the dream of pursuing my life’s work of writing and art. I spent some time doing a variety of different jobs to support myself which took many twists and turns.

I ended up with many crazy experiences, including working at a Circus putting up and taking down tents for 3 months while travelling around small-town Ireland. I had very different two positions teaching English, before getting involved in machine learning and moving to co. Cork.

I encountered people on their own journeys, including a group of free spirits walking the length of Ireland visiting ancient sites and more on the way called “Suil an Craic”



North Tipperary




Galway city is a special place, in many ways deserving of the moniker of the City of Culture. There appears to be many people living alternative lifestyles making money off busking and having fun. There’s a better variety of restaurants than most other Irish cities and the atmosphere is just fantastic. You are gauranteed to meet all sorts of interesting and unusual characters in Galway.

Co. Glaway



West Cork -Beara Peninsula

Priests leap mountain drive







2020 I intended setting off on much larger travels, beginning with Europe. I had what turned out to be unfortunate timing, spending about a week in Scotland before heading to Paris with lockdown beginning and the armed Gendarmerie patrolling the streets and shutting down the city due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was indeed a fitting day that I visited the catacombs of Paris housing the plague victims of an older time.